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  • London’s Borough Market

    London’s Borough Market

    There is nothing quite like the sights and smells of a bustling market. London’s Borough Market, located in Southwark, just a few minutes walk from Tower Bridge, literally smacks the visitor in the face with its abundance of culinary choices. Be it hard to find Indian spices, or the best bangers and mash in the country, all manner of exotic pleasures can be found at Borough Market. A long, long time ago… In 43ad Roman legions arrived at the south bank of the Thames on their way to the city of London and came across the early Borough Market. In order to reach the city, they needed to build a bridge to cross the river. The bridge they built was the first incarnation of London Bridge, and it is probably no coincidence that it was built…

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  • Shopping the Best of London's Market

    Shopping the Best of London's Market

    Markets are an important part of everyday life in London, where produce is sold, goods are bartered and bargains are made. There are several scattered all over the city, all specializing in different wares. Here’s a guide to the main markets and what they have to offer. Bermondsey Address: Bermondsey Square on Tower Bridge Road Trading: 04.00 to 12.00 daily Description: One of London’s oldest markets, Bermondsey is famous as a haunt of thieves, due to an ancient ruling (which, incredibly was only recently abolished) stating that the origin of goods sold before sunrise could not be brought under suspicion, therefore allowing stolen goods to be traded freely and without question. For this reason, the market has traditionally started very early in the morning. Get there early to find the…

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  • Shopping In London

    Shopping In London

    A trip to London is not complete without viewing the Buckingham Palace, taking a tour of the Houses of Parliament, or riding the London Eye. With that said, don’t rule out everyday activities. Even if you are traveling on a budget and have limited money for souvenirs, still checkout the great shops listed below. The Portobello Road Market The Portobello Road Market is one of the world’s largest antique markets. It is located in the Kensington and Chelsea neighborhoods of London. On Saturdays, when the market is open, you will find rows and rows of booths setup by antique dealers and other vendors. Available for sale you can find a wide range of goods, including clothes, crafts, books, and art. Although the Portobello Road Market is only open on the weekends, nearby shops are open all…

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